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Clerk's Office


Town Clerk Treasurer

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Deputy Clerk Treasurer

The Clerk's Office roles and responsibilities include:
  • Performs administrative work conducting the daily business activities of the Town including financial management and statutory clerk functions

  • Manages the investments of the Town funds and provides current status, activity and performance reports to the Council. Invests funds in accordance with sound financial practice.

  • Develops annual Town budget with input from Departments and Town Manager. Presents budget to the Town Council for review and adoption; monitors expenditures and receipts; complies with State Board of Accounts, Gateway and all other reporting requirements.

  • Monitors Cash flow to ensure sufficient funds are available. Prepares accounts payable and receivable transactions for council approval. Reconciles Town checking account and makes deposits to the bank.

  • Maintains and processes payroll for Town employees, boards and commissions.

  • Maintains updated information in all utility accounts and ensures all accounts are balanced. Oversees the billing, receipt and recording of utility bills. Oversees collection of water permit fees before installation of services. Works with Bond Consul and provides information necessary for bond issues and reports.

  • Responsible for certifying assessments, special charges, and tax levies to the County Auditor.

  • Responsible for overseeing that Fire Department reports get completed, maintaining a record of fire service contracts for renewal and notification to Townships.

  • Generates financial statements and cash balance fund reports for the Town council. Generates reports and presents all financial data as required when audited.

  • Coordinates the information flow between the Council and Town employees and assists Town manager, departments and council members as needed. Conducts the necessary research and provides support materials to aid Council in making informed decisions.

  • Prepares agendas and monthly reports for meetings; organizes and maintains records of minutes, ordinances, and resolutions.


Review information about the Town's Budget, Annual Reports, etc.

Contact Information

Town Hall

Fax #: (260) 488-2577

Hours: M - F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Address: PO Box 249, Hamilton, IN 46742

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