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Town Manager

The Town Manager is hired by the Town Council to implement and oversee day-to-day operations. They are directly involved in the hiring, evaluating, promoting, and disciplining of employees or establishes procedures for others to follow in such matters.

  • Recommends an annual salary schedule for the Town employees for the Town Council to consider.
  • Identifies service and policy needs for the Town of Hamilton and brings to the attention of the Town Council with recommendations for action.
  • Maintains a sound public relations posture between the Town and its citizens, the press, and other federal, state and local governmental agencies.
  • Coordinates departmental activities and set attainable goals for all municipal departments.
  • Act as purchasing agent for all municipal departments, and oversees the bid process on major purchases
  • Prepares an annual report of the previous year's activities for presentation to the Town Council and citizens of Hamilton.
  • Maintains contact with public by handling suggestions, complaints and information requests.
  • Carries out the directives of the Town Council and attends various meetings on behalf of the Town.
  • Attends meetings of the Town Council, providing supporting documents and information pertinent to agenda items.

The Zoning Administrator

  • Enforces land-use codes within the Town of Hamilton and its jurisdictional limits
  • Responsible for interpreting these codes, reviewing permit applications and coordinating enforcement efforts
  • Reviews and approves applications for rezoning and issue building construction, change-of-use and conditional-use permits

Examples of issues that fall under a zoning administrator's purview include signage, proper storage of industrial vehicles and commercial usage of residential areas. While they are responsible for issuing zoning code violation warnings and fines, they also often consider variances, or exceptions, to these codes.

The duties of the Zoning Administrator include regular public hearings with applicants, as well as those who may oppose the issuing of a specific permit. They must prepare both oral and written presentations containing their interpretations or clarifications of codes. They may also advise or consult with developers on how their proposals can be adjusted in order to be in compliance.

Additional duties include advising the planning commission and other the Town Council on ordinance revision, historical preservation and long-term strategic planning.

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