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Firearms License Application Process

Indiana License to Carry a Handgun (Gun Permit)

All citizens requesting a new Indiana license to carry a handgun or needing to renew their current license must start their application process at the Indiana State Police website. Click on the link below to be redirected to the Indiana State Police online application. Failure to provide all requested information will delay your application.

Start the firearm license application process.


A Four-Year Personal Protection license will incur a $30 state fee and $10 local fee.

A Lifetime Personal Protection license will incur a $75 state fee and $50 local fee. If you have a current Four-Year Personal Protection license, a Lifetime Personal Protection license will incur a $60 state fee and $40 local fee.

Electronic Fingerprinting

After completing the online application and before leaving the Indiana State Police website, please schedule an appointment to be electronically fingerprinted. The Hamilton Police Department cannot provide fingerprinting for handgun licenses. You must schedule your appointment through the Indiana State Police. There are a number of locations for you to select from. You will incur a fee of $11.95 at the fingerprinting location.

Local Background Check

After completing the Indiana State Police online application and scheduling your fingerprinting appointment and your application is approved, you will need to bring in your proof of fingerprinting and local fee payment to the Hamilton Police Department. If your background check warrants approval it will then be transmitted to the Indiana State Police, and they will mail your license directly to the address listed on your application in approximately four to six weeks.

If you reside outside of the Hamilton city limits, you will need to contact the Sheriffs Department in the county in which you reside to complete your application process.

Please note:  

You must complete your fingerprinting and local background check within 90 days of submitting your online application. Any application left inactive more than 90 days from the initial online application date will be purged from the Indiana State Police system, and the application process will have to be restarted.


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