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Planning Commission

The duties and functions of the Hamilton Planning Commission are to promote the orderly development of Hamilton and its environment.

The Commission serves primarily in an advisory capacity to the Town Council in accomplishing the objectives set. This Commission also serves to improve public health, safety, convenience and welfare of Hamilton citizens and to plan for the future development of Hamilton to the end that transportation systems be carefully planned; that new community projects be developed with adequate highway, utility, health, educational, and recreational facilities; that the needs of agriculture, industry and business be recognized in future growth; that residential areas be provided with healthy surroundings for family life; that agricultural and forestal land be preserved; and that the growth of the community be consistent with the efficient and economical use of public funds.

The board members are comprised of 4 citizens, only 2 from the same party, 3 are appointed by the council, and 2 are appointed by the County. Each board member will serve a 4 year term and their term will expire 1st Monday in January.

Contact Information

Town Hall

Fax #: (260) 488-2577

Hours: M - F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Address: PO Box 249, Hamilton, IN 46742

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