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Town Council

Every four years, residents of Hamilton elect a five-member Town Council and a Clerk-Treasurer. The Town Council holds the legislative and executive powers for the Town, and the clerk-treasurer is responsible for matters related to the Town's finances.

All councilors are considered "at large" which means all Hamilton residents vote on all councilors, not just the councilor representing their particular district. The town council elects a council president and vice-president each year.

The council is also responsible for appointing and overseeing a town manager whose responsibilities include overseeing the Administration, Development, Engineering, Fire, Fleet Management, Human Resources, Information Technology, Parks and Recreation, Police, and Public Works departments.


Citizen input is scheduled as an agenda item at every regular meeting. Patrons may either attend meetings to voice concerns or send correspondence. Immediate concerns should be directed to the Town Hall.

Term Ends:
Danny Lingo
Gerry Martin
Nancy Renner
Mary Vail
Tom Werling

Contact Information

Town Hall

Fax #: (260) 488-2577

Hours: M - F 8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Address: PO Box 249, Hamilton, IN 46742

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